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Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers:
An All-Excess Guide to Brewing's Outer Limits

Published by Lyons Press in 2013, this craft beer book was an extension of my "Brewtal Truth" column in Decibel Magazine. In it I wrote about more than 120 extreme beers, included interviews with both musicians and brewers, and further fleshed it out with sidebars and information about what makes "extreme" beers extreme. The book was praised by numerous national and local publications. 

"Highly entertaining, this book can serve as reference guide for connoisseurs or simply as an enjoyable read." –Seattle Weekly

"A raucous joy to read and will hopefully encourage craft beer and metal lovers to continue exploring common ground." - Beer Advocate

"From unusual ingredients to tongue-twisting bitterness and stratospheric alcohol content, brewers these days are taking beer to extremes, and Tepedelen is just the writer to introduce drinkers to severe suds."
–Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Brewtal Truth Book: Image
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